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No clock output on arduino
Hi Yuriy,
I have been building your Arduino based touchdro setup.
What a gorgeous application. 
I can hardly wait to have it up and running on my mill.
I’m so tired of using the provided iGaging displays.
After completing the build I plugged the iGaging scales in and the display numbers stayed at zero.
I read through many forum entries but to no avail.
Here is what I have done.
Using Arduino Mega 2560:
            Sketch setup is:
                        Board - Arduino Mega 2560
                        Processor - Arduino Mega 2560
iGaging scales – basic – digital remote readout - purchased in 2015
Bluetooth connection to tablet is stable.
Checked serial monitor:
            Output is ;x0;y0;z0;w0
Checked blueterm:
            Output is ;x0;y0;z0;w0
Power to scale is 3.3v (measured at scale head).
Clock signal 0.0v (measured at scale head should be 0.3v)
            Also measured at the Arduino pin 2
            (I had to use a volt meter as I don’t own a scope.)
Swapped out arduino for another identical one…same problem.
I can’t figure out why there is no clock signal on pin 2.
Tried to change the pin outs and it made no difference.
Is the issue the mega2560…do I need to buy an Uno?
I would really appreciate some help.
Thanks in advance - Lloyd

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