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Dual inputs to TouchDRO
I am new to this forum and came to through searches in my desire to dro all 3 axes of my Maximat V10 (including the milling attachment). I was very impressed with Yuriy’s implementation of the 2 lathe axes on this machine, despite the constraints of space, with the neat Bluetooth box mounted on the carriage, and a simple 5V trailing wire.
I want to take this one step further with a scale on the milling attachment. So I am faced with having to take the data from the mill attachment to the carriage, thus defeating the simplicity of the wiring. Is there any way that  the mill can be hooked in to the TouchDRO via a separate input (parallel Bluetooth, USB, or something else)?  This is obviously a much simpler wiring exercise than the carriage, so a wired connection presents little difficulty.

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