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If you mean you are buying the
"TouchDRO Adapter for Glass/Magnetic Quadrature Scales"
and not rolling your own with an MSP430 eval board, then the above resistor is NOT necessary, as Yuriy board already implements 5v to 3v level shifting, ergo, can connect 5v level A,B signals from AR-5, et. al., direct.

And much smaller connector pairs than the honkin 1970's Bendix connectors are all around for cheap.
5 pins for A,B,5V,gnd, and shield is plenty. Or cannibalize your B&L (microwave) readout for mating connectors.
That is what i am going to purchase... "TouchDRO Adapter for Glass/Magnetic Quadrature Scales"   that news is EVEN BETTER !!  didnt look that far ahead to think about the connectors..
any cabling or connectors you can recommend would be great...  

May throw the microwave on the auction site.. some old timer may be looking for one.. it still works !

and thanks again for all the help !

4 or 5 pin connectors such as below are one way...must do some soldering. Reuse your AR-5 scale cables and stuff in some kind of enclosure, with a USB wall wart for power.

a hack for a mill:
soldering i can do !  thank you again

lathe, mill, whatever. A hack.

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