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igaging power needed
Do the igagingĀ EZ Read dro set for my HF mill/drill and I am confused about the power. Do they come with a power supply, or do you have to supply 5dcv? If you have to supply power, what is the power connector?

This should answer your question

DRO Scales with Micro-B USB Connector
Update May 20, 2017: There is now a "Ready to Go" version of the controller that has Micro-B connectors pre-installed, so this section is no longer relevant

This includes AbsoluteDRO+, DigiMag/AccuRemote/Shahe "Remote DRO", and EZ View scales that use Micro-B USB connector. It appears that iGaging/Shahe finally came to their senses and decided to use the same connection scheme for all of their scales. The connections are as follows:

USB Pin TouchDRO Line
5V 3.3V
D- Clock
D+ Data
ID Ground
GND Ground

So get the 'Ready to Go' version with micro B's, you have to supply your own power supply

Guidelines for power supply

*The boards use standard round 5x2.1mm power jacks (same as Arduino UNO, etc.). Any power supply in the range between 7V and 15V that provides at least 200 mA will work. I recommend finding an "old style" heavy wall wart (rather than a switching power supply), since they provide mains isolation.

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