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Problems with W
I am finally calibrating My TouchDRO on my Clausing 8520 vertical mill.

I have X Y and Z calibrated but having problems with W.

I am using the 1" side of my 123 bar.

I zero out and go down to the table and get 306.56 (note no ") for 1" of travel.

If I zero on the table and go up to the test block I get 355.92 (again no ") for 1" of travel.


I have no idea what is going on.

It keeps jumping to incr even when I select abs for all of the scales.

Those numbers sound suspiciously like angles. Check the setup.
(04-16-2018, 06:06 PM)Briney Eye Wrote: Those numbers sound suspiciously like angles.  Check the setup.

Sorry, how do I check the setup? 

I do not see any settings.

duh, I was using Mode Display (Angular) anyone have any idea what Display (Angular) means or what one could do with it.

Was there ever a consolidated documentation package, that would really help with a lot of my ignorant questions.

So I switched to Add to Z readout, and now I am able to get calibration numbers.

But having a hard time getting calibrated, I have tried so much that now I can no longer Connect bluetooth and get the message "DRO has died" or "DRO stopped working". 

I might have to do a reinstall of TouchDro. 

Well I was making progress.


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