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Newer Shahe scales and TouchDRO
Hi All,

I've got two rulers for my lathe from aliexpress. Like this: [Image: 201707291448365329.jpg]
This are new ones with 0.01 mm accuracy.
Then I've got TouchDro Adapter Board with Micro-B Connector and tried to connect it with scales. System did not work and I tried to explore scale connector pinout. Usually USB pinout is 1- VCC, 2 and 3 - signal, 4 - GND. Scale pinout is differ and id 1-GND, 2-3,2V and 3 and 4 - signal. I've cut USB cable and connected wires accordingly pinouts above. Now I have this:

Any ideas?

Currently touchdro does not support these scales, there are a couple of threads on this on the board which you can get to using the search function.
I’ve read some topics about them but some users say that they work and some write they don’t. I’ve watched one video on Youtube where user got sucess with similar problem by correct grounding and capacitors installation between power and ground. But he does not say what scales he uses and he uses Arduino. So I am not sure if I have to sell these scales and buy new “old” Shahe ones or try to solve problem by correct grounding and/or capacitors installation…
The capacitor and grounding is to reduce noise as the wires are not shielded, however with this newer version the output is different and not covered by the firmware.

I went with glass quadrature scales and for one axis magnetic quadrature to enable the scale to fit the tight gap I had, as they come with shielded cables that side is covered too.
Yes, thanks I’ve read this threads. One of users wrotes that these scales working great with Mixed Scale Controller… and another wrotes about strange effect but one scale is wrong but working. There is no system in these conclusions and I doubt that Shahe change protocol so often. Of course one brand and one series scales could be differ from each other but my experiense says it is wrong.
Look at this:

Here is a man having the same effect which I have and he says that the reason is grounding and peak-to-peak signal amplitude. So… I don’t know. Will try to use all chances before selling  these scales and buying new ones…

Anyway it is better to hear answer from Yuriy but he keeps silenceSad
My reading of the posts is that the short ones work and the longer ones don't, so Shahe seem to use 2 protocols based on length.
I have one 150 mm and one 300 mm and both are not working in the same manner.

Today I explored oscillograms an found interesting difference between them when connecting scale to TouchDro adapter and sale's measuring unit (head).
Peak-to peak amplitude is 1,4 Volts when connecting scale to head for both clock and data outputs and 580 mV and 2 Volts consequently when connecting to TouchDRO adapter. Voltage between power pin and GND are the same in both cases and equal 3,2 V.
I can't understand what is going on so need to investigate things more.

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