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Don't throw things away
As one could see in my shop I hate to throw things away.

I setup my mill with iGaging DRO and of course TouchDRO.

So I have 5 iGaging readout modules, what to do? Throw them out, I'll never use them and they are taking up space.

You just never know, what might happen.

I have had a digital dial indicator for a number of years, it really has not been used that much but now I am havingĀ 
more opportunities to use it.

And half of the display is gone. Right across every digit only half appears.

So what do I do throw it out?

Well wait a minute, I have those iGaging readouts I wonder if they might work.

The dial indicator has a USB micro port the iGaging has a USB port.

Here they are working.

I had no idea what protocol the dial indicator used.
I am not sure about calibration but I will not be using the dial indicator for measurements, I just need a relative display.
But it works ta dah, once again I can use something that could have been thrown out!

Brilliant !!!!
Perfect fix. My digital DI is laying in the drawer non-functioning. I think maybe the display's LCD froze at some point.
Same situation in my shop, along with a 10'x10' room down in the basement.
And as soon as you do throw something out or take it to the scrap yard, you need it a week later.
Gotta get a DRO!

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