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Dropped Bluetooth Connection
I think others have reported this.

My tablet cannot make a bluetooth connection with the TouchDro iGaging Bluetooth Adapter.

Last week this was working but my phone would not connect.

Now my phone connects fine but my tablet will not connect.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help.

I've had to reboot my Fire tablet a couple of times to get it to connect. Something gets corrupted in the Bluetooth driver, it seems, and the only thing that fixes mine is to cycle the power.
Thanks Briney Eye, I try that. Nice to know you have problems with your Fire tablet, I wonder if part of my problem
is with the tablets I use, they are the cheapest I find on ebay, glad to know you have problems with a recommended tablet.
I will try the reboot, worked great last week.

I thought possible the reason for the connection problem was that it was cold in my shop, brought the tablet to my desk/bedroom over night to warm up still have the disconnect. The first time it stays connected for 1/2 a minute but the scale does not register then it drops the Bluetooth connection. Subsequent connections drop immediately after connecting.
This is happening with both my tablets.

Brought the tablet back to my cold shop, tried a couple of times with reboots but it always disconnected.

Removed the device from bluetooth pairings and repaired.

It worked!! Now we will see what tomorrow holds.

Strange there were two of the devices in pairings.

wonder if programagically there needs to be some cleanup of the pairing sequence in TouchDRO.

Boy when it works it is such a pleasure, now if it works I'll finally get it all calibrated so I can actually use it.


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