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Tachometer Issues on iGaging Launchpad Build (a FW bug?)
[quote pid='929' dateline='1514870483']
Thanks for this. Quick question, which board and FW are you on? And did you try the hall effect sensors before going with infrared? I can probably get the infrared sensors locally (I am based in China) but I did buy three hall effect sensors already, so would like to get them to work;-). Also, they infrared sensors are quite a bit larger and I don't have a whole lot of space on the mini lathe.
I feel like the hall effect sensors are working. The readout is stable and linear, but the value is just way too low.

[EDIT] just saw your video - I had seen some of your others earlier on, too. Well done and what beautiful shop and machines you have:-)

I've got Mixed Scale boards on both my lathe and mill and the latest firmware as far as I know.  I didn't try Hall effect sensors, no.  The IR board fits nicely on my old Logan lathe.

Sorry to ask the obvious question(s), but are you sure that you have the right number of counts per revolution set up in TouchDRO?  Also, I assume that you're aware that Hall effect sensors have a polarity?  You have to have the correct pole of the magnet pointing toward the sensor for them to work properly.

Thanks for the compliment.  It's all a matter of framing the shot so that you can't see the mess.

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