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No display
I had a problem clearing the display which I never got figured out so I did a new install.

Now I do not see any display when I move my tables.

Well I actually see all seven segments of all of the numbers in a light gray.

Hopefully this is something simple.

I use Yuri's bluetooth board which has worked well in the past.

Do you have a Bluetooth connection. Which board are you running?
Yes I have a bluetooth connection.

I have Yuri's TouchDRO iGaging BlueTooth DRO adapter.

I bought the adapter board two years ago.

I was wondering if I might need to update the programing?

Thanks for the reply.
The TouchDRO is useless!!

To bad I was going to use TouchDRO on my lathes next.

The yellow LED is flashing, does that mean anything?
Here is a video:

This was working so well, I am really disappointed anyone know of other DRO display programs?

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