Poll: A way to use both quadrature & mixed scales?
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A way to use both quadrature & mixed scales
I know somewhere this probably already has been suggested. However I'd like to make this feature request. A very good reason for it:
For example I have Jenix X & Y axes glass scales (very accurate I might add!) for my mill. But this type of scale is too big and fat to work on the Z axis you need something fairly thin.
Same with the lathe (even more so): I have a Jenix Z axis scale; but for the X axis (cross slide) the Jenix are wayyyy too fat and thick  --you definitely want something very thin as in a digital caliper reader head and scale. if you use fat glass scales on the cross slide, you give up a noticeable space that the tailstock needs if you are working on small parts (remember it's not just the thick scale but it's associated mounting brackets and the big readerhead too - maybe 2-1/4" of total space lost). I know you can have the scale protrude out the back of the lathe but this: 1) interferes with the taper attachment 2) always looks like a hack job (or perhaps a Rube Goldberg thing) Dodgy every time I've seen a build thread   dealing with it.
I would guess the simplest implementation would be to have two DRO controllers, one for quadrature, one for mixed scales, but have two apps running simultaneously in split screen. Don't really know but am making a guess here. Not even sure you can run two instances of the same app at once on Android, but I think you can though (change the package name of the app thus creating two? Dunno). All my experience is only with assembly language, C++ and Java on PCs (about 15 years ago, though!) -- don't know the first thing about android.
(08-10-2016, 05:28 PM)ejv5f Wrote: I've tried several times and basically came down to MSP430 not having enough "oomph" to handle quadature scales and calipers at the same time reliably. I'm in the same boat as you are" my Sieg SX4 has a "Chinese" scale on the quill and glass scales on the other 3 axes. Right now the quill is not connected...

I would make a guess that one could use two controllers (one for the quadrature, one for calipers) and run two apps simultaneously? Is there some reason why the signal from each controller would not reach the respective apps? I would think with a large tablet(so you have a big enough screen), there ought to be a way to run two instances of the same app

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