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Enclosure souce.
I have everything but the enclosure.
Would someone please suggest a good enclosure and supplier?
Digi-Key ( has thousands, and makes it easy to search by type and size, and provides mechanical drawings. You have to decide what you want and need, though. Where and how it's going to mount, the available space/volume, how well you want it to be sealed. You probably want to stick with plastic because of the Bluetooth. Amazon also has thousands, but you have to do more work to find the size you need, and no drawings. There are also Newark, Mouser, and many other electrical suppliers out there. Not to mention eBay.

I've posted my lathe installation elsewhere here. I used a small flanged plastic box and crammed everything inside, including the excess cable. Nothing particularly elegant about it. I simply notched the edge for the cables to fit under the lid. You may want something prettier, with a clear lid so you can see the lights, glands for the cables, and everything very neat. That's part of what you have to decide.
I designed and printed my own -->
If you have access to a printer, you can download the files from Thingiverse and print your own.   Cool
Thanks Guys!

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