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Step and Repeat Function
Hello Yuriy,
I am finding some inconsistencies in the workings of the Step and Repeat Function with respect to the x and y axes.
If, for example, using the add point function I add a point to my workspace it will show up on the list as Point 1 together with its x, y coordinates as expected. If now I call Step an Repeat Function and enter 4 into Repeat X entry and .5 into Step X entry and nothing into Repeat Y, Step Y Angle, I find 3 additional points in addition of the original Poin1 listed such as Point1-1, Point1-2 and Point1-3. The number of repeats were only 3 not 4. The Preview Workplace show 4 holes displaced by .5 as I would expect it. If now I call the Step and Repeat function again, and I enter for example 2 into Repeat X and .1 into Step X and nothing into Repeat Y and Step Y and Angle, this time I get 4 extra points, a repeat of only 1, not 2. It seems the Step Repeat function multiplies and displaces the number of points along the X axis, not repeats them.
If you inspect the point listnow you find now two different points listed as Point1-1 but with different coordinates. All points with different coordinates should be numbered differently.
The Y axis works differently from the example shown above. If I enter values into Step and Repeat functions Repeat Y and Step Y entries only but nothing into Repeat X and Step X and Angle, it will do nothing, irrespective of the number points contained in the workspace. Nothing gets multiplied or repeated.
If I fill in both the x and y entry fields with the same Step and Repeat values respectively, the Preview shows a resulting asymmetric pattern of holes with an extra hole dangling off the side. Showing a possible asymmetric handling of coordinate directions.
I can use the repeat function in the in the y axis direction by using the x direction repeat and entering 90 into the Angle entry. This way I get a symmetric hole matrix, no dangling holes.
If you have red this far you are a very patient person. It is still possible, I believe, that this whole thing is only a miss understanding of the operation of the software on my part.
I have just finished the DRO installation, it works well.
In closing, I would like to join others in thanking and congratulating you for your excellent work.

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