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Board Behavoir
I included a picture of the installed capacitor in one of my posts. Just a cheap 0.01 microfarad ceramic disc cap from Radio Shack before they closed, but 0.1 would work fine as well. Buy some from Sparkfun at the same time you get some mini-B USB breakout boards. You're connecting it across the power supply so the high-frequency "noise" is provided an easy path to ground away from the high-impedance inputs on Yuriy's Mixed-Scale board. Much better behaved. They don't put very much filtering in the head because it's "normally" running from batteries and isolated from the noisy world.

I used the blue Shars aluminum scales, which they're selling at a pretty hefty discount on their site right now. I'm getting ready to order some for my "new" Clausing 8520 milling machine. The aluminum scales are pretty much the same as stainless, accuracy-wise, as I believe Yuriy has said elsewhere. They've proven to be an excellent match for my little Logan lathe, which really won't do super high precision anyway. I could have bought a Hardinge HLV lathe last month from the guy I got the mill from, but couldn't come up with a good enough song-and-dance to convince my wife. One of those really demands precision scales with 0.0001" resolution. I have to take pains to keep my Logan within 0.001" and use micrometers when it gets down to the finish cuts.

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