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Relay control output?
Would it be possible to build in an output that can control a relay?

My idea would be to use it to stop the electric power feeds on either my mill or lathe, when the tool is a few thousandths from (or even dead on) a target dimension.
YouTube: FnA-Wright Engineering
Came here to second this.

To give it a bit more of a generic technical specification.
It would be great to have a programmable port(s) that could be configured to be triggered at a users specified event.

A simple function that could be incorporated would be a port resolves to target voltage level when X asis is >= or <= a specific value.  ie port triggers to ground when x axis is 1.0015 or above... as OP asked allowing the X feed to be shut off, reversed or whatever.

Even better using the SPI port of the new version, an API that provides data from the Touch DRO protocol that can be consumed by another MCU in any number of ways.

This is some of the functionality I have built into my DRO port on the ESP32 using IGaging scales.
And while my software/firmware game is on point, my hardware game isnt all that great and I would love to upgrade to the TouchDRO hardware and better scales if it could provide such a functionality.

Hopefully Mr Yuri's post regarding VFD control:
Doesn't apply to providing raw data.

what say you Mr Yuri?

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