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Radius cut
Is it possible to add the ability to mill a Radius?  Like rounding off a square corner; or being able to mill out a circle of a given radius?

While waiting for 2.6, you should have success by just generating a suitable multi hole Pcd in the right position and orientation to your workpiece.
I am finding that between  10 and 15 hole positions on a 90 degree section of circumference works ok, but have found that unless you have the cutter positioned above the origin of your radius while generating the workspace then things go awry.
Look at this YouTube link to see the same thing as you want but applied to a lathe tool.
It works brilliantly, until 2.6 arrives, and from that point it will be even better.
Setting the angles to 90, and 90 gets the curve used in the link.
Having just a line to carefully follow should be easier, and if the new feature is given the ability to display minute indexed positions as well as trying the analogue by sight version then we will be spoilt for choice.
Let's hope no one in Yuriys day job gives him a big workload any time soon.

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