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Hall Effect Sensor Module
Received my assembled MicroB board today...plugged in and cutting chips with extreme accuracy...thank you Yuriy!!

However....I now need to add a HAL Effect Sensor

Will this do the trick ok?


It MAY work with the controller, it depends on if the resistor is wired in as a pull-up resistor on the signal line.
The datasheet isn't very clear about that.
If it is, the power source would have to be from the 3.3V rail or you will fry the controller
Alternatively, the signal will have to go thru a voltage divider or level shifter circuit first.

Find a module with a powered output such as one of these:

With the powered type, you connect the DO pin to the controller tach input and power it from the board. The same signal level caveat applies to these modules, too.

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