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iGaging Stainless Steel Absolute DRO Scales?
The Shars aluminum scales are working great, and don't have the power polarity issue. The head is somewhat flimsy compared to the stainless steel, which actually have a stainless backplate. I'm just a hobbyist, and I'm not getting any younger, so I don't think durability will ever be an issue.

I mounted the cross slide scale in the slot above the lead screw on my lathe rather than on the side, with a very substantial mounting bracket. I moved the slide in to the limit of its travel before tightening all the screws, making it self-aligning. The extra scale overhang didn't concern me since my Logan Model 200's motor assembly sticks out so far anyway.

I'm really happy with my setup. Good luck with yours.

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RE: iGaging Stainless Steel Absolute DRO Scales? - by Briney Eye - 05-25-2017, 02:32 PM

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