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iGaging Stainless Steel Absolute DRO Scales?
(05-24-2017, 07:31 PM)Briney Eye Wrote: I used the Shars aluminum scales on my 10x24 Logan lathe with the Mixed Scale kit.  The encoding strip runs all the way to the end so by floating one end of a 6" scale I got 7" of useful travel out of it.  They were noisy until I added a 0.01uF ceramic capacitor across power and ground.  Search for my other posts on the subject.

Thanks for the reply! After posting I did look around a bit on this forum, and ran across your posting about the capacitors added. I can certainly do that. Smile When I built my DRO 350 for my mini mill, I had to add caps to the chinese scales it uses, for similar reasons. Another thing we had to deal with on those Chinese scales was reverse ground polarity ( the frame being + ) with respect to the ground of the machine itself. As I recall, we had to leave the ground braid inside the cable disconnected from the scale itself to prevent problems. Do these aluminim scales still have that same issue?

So the aluminum scales are working well on your lathe? 

That's a neat trick, getting 7" of travel on a 6 inch scale. Smile It offers a handy solution to my needing 6.5" travel on the cross slide, and would save me some money, not having to buy a more costly 12" scale and cut it down to use it. I've noticed several photos on various sites showing scales mounted only on one end, as I researched options to add a DRO to the new lathe. It seems to me that would also mitigate the need for very precise scale positioning when 3 fastening points are used, so would make the mounting process easier.

Where does Yuriy ship these kits from?

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