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iGaging Stainless Steel Absolute DRO Scales?
(05-24-2017, 01:26 AM)Radnoaz Wrote: It seems like maybe buying the Mixed Scale kit would be the best future-proofing choice, but I'd like to know which kit would be recommended for using scales like these iGaging SS Absolute DRO models? And does anyone know which type of USB plug these scales use?  Smile

Mixed scale kit doesn't support Absolute DRO scales, so you will need to get the "iGaging" version of the controller. Generally speaking, Mixed Scale Kit is a compromise designed to be inexpensive and easy to build; "iGaging" controller is designed specifically for iGaging scales and works much better with them. You can read more about pros and const here:

These scales come wit Mini and Micro B controllers (newer ones are Micro-B). The picture in your link are of the really old Absolute DRO, not Absolute DRO+ (plus). The former is not supported since it uses weird protocol. Chances are these are just an old stock picture. I haven't seen old scales for sale for a couple of years. If I were you I would contact the seller.

If you get Micro-B scales, you won't need to solder anything: I now sell a board with preinstalled Micro-B connectors. You'll just need to make an enclosure and you're good to go.

That said, these scales are way overpriced for what they are. They are 2x the price of the "classic" aluminum scales but accuracy and resolution is about the same once you mount them to the heavy cast iron machine frame.


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