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AS5306 will these work
I would like to replace the calipers that i am using as DRO on my lathe  with something less obtrusive.
Magnetic scales would be ideal but I cannot justify the cost.
Les shows on his site making magnetic scale using magnetic tape and separate read heads still rather costly.

Looking into Les's idea I came across these
Break out boards are available for them.
Would these work with a TouchDRO Quadrature board?
The idea would be to use Les's idea but substitute these for the read heads.
They seem to be outputting standard A/B + Index quadrature signal. That should work fine with the quadrature adapter.
That said, you are "trail blazing" with this, so YMMV.

Thank you
Thanks Yuriy
At 72 I am not up on the latest slang what does YMMV mean?
"Your Mileage May Vary"
Learn something new every day keeps the brain active
I have not tried the magnetic tape approach but I have built a system that is less expensive than linear scales and much more flexible to build. Just posted...
I think you would need to step up to the AS5311 and 2mm pole tape. Then you would get 2048 counts per millimeter.

By the time you do a design and board layout you might be better off just buying something.

Digi-Key has a $15 AS5311-AB-ND eval board with a few inches of tape that would get you started.

You could buy 1 meter of the 2mm pole pair tape from eBay for $80, looks like.

With the AS5311 I think that would give you about 13000 counts per inch. I was in a hurry, though.

You're tempting me to try it myself.

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