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Solved : Chip, Quartz and Jumpers
Hi everybody.
I've received and soldered my Launchpad to the USB breakboards.
The launchpad came with two chips : one MSP430G2553, and one MSP430G2452.
Which one should I use ? I would bet on the 2553...
It is written in the notice that the chip is already loaded with one or more programs. Do I have to delete them before loading the TouchDRO program?
There is also a micro quartz in the box. What do I do with it ?
Last question : what about the jumpers on the board : P1.6, P1.8, VCC, TEST, RST, RXD, TXD ?
Nobody ?

After reading a lot I answered by myself to the questions about the program and the chip.
I programmed the MSP2553 chip with MSPDEBUG (a Linux Ubuntu program). The chip was erased and the program loaded (I hope so). I will be able to check as soon as I will receive the Bluetooth card.
I'm still wondering what to do with the jumpers ! On the pictures I can see the TXD and RXD jumpers are missing. Must I remove them ?
Help please.
See my reply to your post on Serial to USB...

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