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HC-06 disconnecting so frustrating THEN dummy...
Wired up my Arduino UNO and HC-06
Uploaded sketch 5.11 iirc, checked serial monitor and wildly scrolling numbers that changed if I movedthe scale.
So fired up Touch DRO after pairing the HC-06 but no love!
Would connect for a split second then disconnect....... grrrrrrrr
Searched and pondered what I found........ no gains
Forget it..... look at it fresh in the AM....
Reread Yuriy's build instruction and the lights came on.... Arduino TX connects to HC-06 Rx
Back to check and sure enough move data wire from input 0to input 1 and numbers appear from the connected scale.
It workson all three scales.
Happy dance
Thank you Yuriy
Alberta,  Canada
Ah yes, the joys of serial communication!

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