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Solved : Serial to USB adapter
I am not 100% certain what Yuriy is toggling the red LED on, he will have to answer that question, and I am sure it is based on which version of the firmware you have. The solid green LED is indeed the power indicator from the Emulation section of the board. There is another green LED on the MSP430G2 side of the board, right next to the red LED. As for what they toggle on, only Yuriy can answer that.
As for the push buttons, the Reset push button should work for it's designated purpose. I do not believe that function can be changed (I could be wrong, I haven't looked into changing it, myself).
I do not believe that Yuriy has built any functionality into P1.3, that's the other push button, but again, only Yuriy can answer that (being the programmer has its advantages Wink )
(03-17-2017, 01:35 PM)ThLDQ Wrote: Thank you Brian.
All the jumpers are "on" (I mean in place), and following your advice I will leave them in place.
I plan to power the board from the USB plug, because I don't know how to do else (if there was another possibility I would not have to buy another phone charger, as I have a spare one but which has not a micro USB plug, but a jack plug).
Another question : the green LED indicates that the power is on ; what about the red LED ? Does it blink all the time (that's what it does at the moment).
And the last one (for today ) : are the push button of any use for the TouchDRO application ?
I really don't know anything in electronics...... and reading the documentation of the controller is just like reading  chinese....

One of the LEDs should blink at 1 Hz. It's used as the "heart beat". I.e. if it's not blinking, the chip is not running. Depending on the firmware version, the other LED is the "Probe On" LED. I believe the second (non-reset) button shares the pin with the probe, so you should be able to control the LED with it.
Since you are new to electronics, it would be easier to just get a pre-made board or the kit. That way you would be working with a known baseline, at least.

Thanks Yuriy.
In fact everything is OK now.
I succeeded in loading the program and the csales are recongnized.
One green led blinks slowly.
The red one blinks 4 times per second.
But as everything works, I won't worry about that.
Thanks again for the wonderful work you've done.

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