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Sieg's Bluetooth DRO
Jim Kramer posted this in the old Google+ forum:

Has anyone noticed that Little Machine Shop is selling "Bluetooth DRO" which is a Sieg branded TouchDRO? I'm really hoping Sieg didn't just rip Yuriy off and he's getting some money (or machines) out of the deal.
I need to respectfully disagree with this. As a matter of course, Yuri released the code as open source. Here's his original post:

I'm quite upset to find out that he has subsequently turned it into closed source (the original repo of gives you accessed denied). This is in violation of the GNU General Public License under which it was released:

"When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not price. Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge for them if you wish), that you receive source code or can get it if you want it, that you can change the software or use pieces of it in new free programs, and that you know you can do these things."

This means that the Little Machine Shop and Sieg are allowed to do what they are doing. Without violation of legal or spirit of the open source license. As it is also allowed, I had forked the repo wanting to contribute to the project so if you want access to the source code and the full license, you can find it here:

I want to be very clear. I am very very very appreciative of all of Yuri's contributions to the project. He has and continues to put a lot of effort into the project. And if this forum is any indication, the DIY community is clearly very thankful.

I have contacted Yuri directly about this topic and have received no answer. So this post is a call to the community to encourage Yuri to once again make the source code available under the open source license that it was originally released.
(02-23-2017, 04:56 PM)Zoltan Wrote: [attachment=42][attachment=42]Jim Kramer posted this in the old Google+ forum:

Has anyone noticed that Little Machine Shop is selling "Bluetooth DRO" which is a Sieg branded TouchDRO? I'm really hoping Sieg didn't just rip Yuriy off and he's getting some money (or machines) out of the deal.

I posted this.. I also noticed in the setup doc they point to Uuriy's Toys TouchDRO on the app store.  That would not get you the cover image with the Sieg Logo so was just wondering out loud.

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I get what andrewj is saying. And, it was just a matter of time before someone did this. People do criminal things every day; DA's, lawyers, business owners. The law literally is worthless in my opinion. These companies should do the right thing regardless of what they "can" do. It seemed to me a gracious gift to the community. I don't blame Yuriy for taking down his app, and in the large scale, think it was appropriate.

I apologize for my opinion, in advance. In every instance I've seen, Yuriy has been generous with his knowledge and his time. I am a recipient. I don't know if the open source should extend to commercial monetary gains. I am speaking off the top of my head. I am not even a proponent of political correctness!

But if you notice, they are not selling the APP, they are selling the TABLET.
Hair splitting, I agree.
Weasels is what I call 'em. They should, at an absolute minimum, give credit where credit is due.
Unless Yuriy has signed with Seig, Seig will not receive any orders from me.
I'm so sorry Yuri
Without going into detail, whether you have the right to do it or not, I find it embarrassing, nor have you even worked on an app itself.
Probably could be demanded, but who has the patience and resources to do so.
There is in my country a kind of phrase made that says, Judgments you have and you win. Which means that, although you can finally win a court battle, if you're not a professional at it, it's a bad deal.

It's a shame, because this ensures that Yuri does not want to develop more the App and segir adding improvements. In my case it would be like this.

If only they granted the recognition and merit .... or why not, a small extra cost to compensate the creator.

What I say makes me very angry.
Maybe we should all send some feedback to Little Machine Shop. We, after all, are their customer base, the ones that pay their paychecks.
I do not think that demanding a recall of the item is in order, but rather a request that they give credit where credit is due.
Great idea, I'll do it right now

my email

Dear Sirs.
I recently learned that you are marketing a Dro via Bluethoot based on an idea and development published by Mr. Yuri.
I have no relation to that Mr. unless I have used the knowledge he generously shared.
I see that you have also used such knowledge, but not only as users but by extracting a commercial benefit.
I am also not a specialist in intellectual property rights or licenses nor do I want to enter into that subject, but I do want you to reflect on the fact that, do not take this circumstance into account and A) to compensate Mr. Yuri or B in a reasonable way or B) At least acknowledge the intellectual authorization of such device and that this idea was made available to the general public by Mr. Yuri.
Not doing any of these two things, tarnishes in a big way, the image that your reputed company has in the set of amateurs and professionals.
For if merit is not recognized, there is moral appropriation.
Personally I can not do much, but I will be waiting for if it is appropriate to advertise this fact in forums and specialized fields of metalworking fans.
Good afternoon
I bought my board off Yuri. I appreciate the time and work he has put into this project.

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