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Jumping numbers
Is there a cure for these jumpy numbers?  I changed from 4 decimals to 3 and that helped greatly but the last digit or two are flickering between numbers.  I have Igaging scales. Without touching anything, the last number or two will bounce between numbers.

Just to add, this is not caused by the motor as it's not running and it does it. Turning the mill on doesn't affect it at all.
I have the same problem.  I have the new EZ View Plus DRO scales and the igaging adapter.
Roger Petrella
Colorado Springs, CO
Generally, this is due to the scales themselves.
The data they transmit has noise in it, and sometimes the controller sees a single bit changing every once in a while, and treats it as valid data (which it is, as far as the controller knows)
So long as it's not a large jump more than +/- .001", it really shouldn't be a problem. If you set Filtering on in TouchDRO, it should smooth things out.
this is my problem

2 chinese scales in my Myford ML7 lathe

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