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DIY build bluetooth problem
Hi, new here, in the UK

I have a self assembly unit on order from TouchDRO, but I know it'll take a little time to get here, then customs etc, so.... as I can't help myself I decided to have a go at a scratch built unit.
Like others I eventually used the download tool (I did get a working ESP32 with the command line tool eventually) but I'm finding that Bluetooth is very unreliable. If I erase and then reflash the unit the Bluetooth connection to my tablet and TouchDRO works fine for hours until I either disconnect the tablet or turn off the power to the ESP32, then the Bluetooth doesn't seem to work any more, non of my android devices can see the Bluetooth connection.
As it's very repeatable I suspect the ESP32 is fine, but it's not quite the same unit as the ones Yuri seems to use, so I suspect it's a slight miss match with the code? I hadn't realised there were so many variations Smile  This one doesn't seem to have the blue and green LED's, or maybe that's the problem?

I've not connected any scales yet as I haven't built the rest of the circuit.

Anyway I have some more coming (from Amazon again) so I'll see what these ones do, if the bluetooth connection works reliably then I'll have a go at making a 2 axis unit, as I'll be using glass scales and only 2 axis it looks like I can omit a few components.

Received the other boards, programmed with the download tool, and tested.
They're a bit random, when programmed and restarted they connect via Bluetooth straight away, after that I have to restart them a few times before Bluetooth works, it always work eventually but I may have to restart them several times, they also never work on first bootup. Once the Bluetooth is working they connect and stay connected reliably.
Anyway I've built a circuit using 3 small breadboards, not ideal but it's good enough to test the connection to my scales.
I'm thinking that once I have the proper unit setup on my lathe I'll use this unit (on a permanent board) on my mill with some cheap glass scales, my mill is CNC but still has manual handles so the DRO will be handy for those times that a CNC is overkill for a simple slot or edge clean-up etc.

Thank you Yuriy for your work on this and for making the files available to us electronicly challenged folk, and I'm looking forward to receiving the proper kit from you.


I had this issue (also in UK with Amazon ESP32 boards). I posted the same query over in the General Help section.
I got no response, but like you went down the route of ordering more boards, eventually finding one that reliably worked (and still does in the workshop).
I suspect it is cheap boards rather than the code as the one I am using has no issues.

Hope this helps

Yes I read you'd had problems. What I find confusing is that once it's managed to boot properly the Bluetooth connection is solid and has zero problems.
Anyway the kit arrived today and seems to work perfectly, so now I can fine tune the lathe settings.

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