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touch probe for edge finding
Hi All,
Thank you for letting me onboard! I have installed my touch DRO on a CX601 mill and think its a good gadget with my limited amount of use so far.
I am wondering about adding a electronic touch probe as an edge finder and see it identified on the board. 

  1. What specifications should I be looking for when shopping for a probe to connect to these 3 pins? 
  2. Is there a common model that has been used with good success?
  3. Is there a video somewhere that will help with the connecting of the probe to the board and then the setup of it?
Sorry if the answers to these questions are obvious, I'm fairly new to the mill and the electronics of the DRO.

Thank you
I've got one of the "CNC 2024 v6" touch probes off AliExpress. They're around $10. I've been super satisfied with mine... Once I indicated it concentric, and measured the inherent backlash (using the included instructions), I entered that and the probe diameter into TouchDRO. It's been dead-nuts,so far.

As for wiring... depends on what board you've got. The board I've got for my mini mill, I wired it exactly as the included instructions show. Another (much older) board I've got, I had to make a small circuit using a transistor, to adapt it.
YouTube: FnA-Wright Engineering

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