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Having trouble understanding Workflow with Datum Points
Hi All,
I had a bit of a sruggle today when trying to work with an Array of Dataum points on my mill.

I was able to create the grid of points and using that I was then able to drill and chamfer all of the through holes as required. That part worked great. Love the visual feedback.

I wanted to flip the piece over and chamfer the bottom of the holes as well and thats where things fell apart. I could not get the grid of holes to line up with the axis on my mill again.

I tried using my probe to locate the center of the bottom left hole and then Set absolute Origin but it did not do what I expected (Move the grid of holes in the diagram to start from that position). The milling coordinates were slightly off and did not line up with that bottom left hole.  I tried zeroing axis and reposition but the too was always off from that hole by the same amount. 

I saw that I could set that first datum point as the origin, but that did not seem to change anything either.

I can manully locate the first hole on the piece using a Pin in the hole but the dataums no longer line up. Is there a way that I can simply line up the mill with the first hole on the piece and then say this is where I want to Datum 1 start?

OOH! More info For some reason my First datum point in the array is 0.56mm x 1.99mm, and that is how far out everything is when I set the axis to zero. I am assuming that is the issue. Not sure how to Fix or compensate for it though to get things to line up again

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