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Tachometer Mystery Problem
I'm attempting to use the tachometer function with the TouchDRO Adapter for Glass and Magnetic DRO Scales
(blue top cover).  My tablet has V3 loaded and 3 axes are working fine with Ditron magnetic scales.  As a side comment, I learned that magnetic scales are VERY easy to install since the sensor to scale distance spec. has a wide range

BUT, The tachometer function is not working so far...

I'm using a hall effect sensor - a Honeywell SS495, located to sense the magnetic field from one (then later I tried 2) magnet(s) on the top of the spindle pulley of my mill.  The TouchDRO tach +5V power output pin measures at 5V,per the board's silkscreening.  The SS495 is rated for 4.5 to 10.5 VDC input voltage on it's power pin (pin 1). Pin 2 of the SS495 is attached to the TouchDRO Gnd pin, and the SS495 OUT pin (Pin 3) is connected to the TouchDROSIGNAL pin.

The tachometer is enabled, and I've experimented with different settings for the pulses per revolution.  When the sensor is away from the rotating magnet, the tach indicates 0 as expected.  When it's within range, The Tachometer what look like random numbers, which change about once a second (I didn't actually time it).  Setting the pulses per revolution parameter to 100 yields smaller(!) numbers, but still random.  Adding a second magnet didn't seem to make any difference. 

I had first tried, instead of the SS495, one of the packaged NPN hall effect sensor units from China with a built-in LED indicator.  It was rated for a minimum of 6V input power but seemed to be functioning according to the blinking LED.  It gave the same random number results. I guessed that although the LED wad blinking in time with the magnet it's output was somehow incorrect.  That lead me to the SS495, with it's 4.5V minimum voltage. 

Help please.  thanks!

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