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Power supplies

I am working on the build of 2 DIY adapter boards. One based on the TI MSP430, WITH A HC-05 Bluetooth module for 2 x iGaging scales on my lathe. The other being an ESP32 based board for 3 axis glass scales on my mill.

Both the MSP430 and ESP32 are powered from a USB socket on the boards. Is this sufficient for the whole system (I.e power for the boards and the scales) or will I need an external power supply and forget the USB connection?

I have seen posts talking about "wall warts" which is not a term I am familiar with in the UK.
Also there are references to 7v DC but all the circuits are 5v and 3.3v so where does 7v come into it?

I am having bluetooth issues, particularly with the ESP32 board, even without scales connected (sometimes works, sometimes doesn't), and i'm not sure if the power is a factor. I'm running from a USB socket rated at 5vDC 2.1A which I would have thought was sufficient.


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