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Need Help
Hi I'm new to this forum and am looking for help.
I am building my own board with bluetooth. 
Using design from Mike at Sawmill Creek web site.
I have everything setup on a breadboard, using a Arduino Nano and a HC06 bluetooth module.
I've compiled and loaded the software to the Nano and it seems to be running fine.
When I open TouchDRO on my phone and connect to the board I get the message " TouchDRO was able to establish connection to the scale adapter but did not receive any position data."
I'm using Igaging scales with mini micro usb.
This is the basic schematic I used.
R1 to R3 are 10K
R4, R6 are 330
R7,R5 are 220
Caps are 100 uF
Any help would be appreciated.

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