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random momentary freezing
I have recently installed Touch DRO on my lathe and am have issues with the X and Z potions randomly and momentarily freezing. I'm using a recommended Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) tablet with new Aikron glass scales. The tablet has the most recent updates. I thought that maybe the install of the hardware was the problem so I connected and older and small Samsun tablet instead of the Lenovo as a test and the problem goes away. So is the Lenovo the problem (config bad) or could it still be in the hardware?
Solved the problem I was having with the random freezing of the readout. Even though this was a brand new tablet out of the box I decided to cash the system and do a factory reset. I then loaded Touch DRO software back on the unit and has been working fine ever since.

Don't why it works now just happy that it does.

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