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Bluetooth dropping out?

I've assembled one of the DIY boards, using it with a generic 10" tablet running Android 11.  Works great with my RF-30 mill/drill...when it works. Big Grin

The Bluetooth connection will sometimes work fine for hours before dropping out, but after dropping out it will not reconnect unless I "forget" and re-pair the connection from the tablet to the adapter, and even then more often than not it connects for a few seconds and disconnects.  I've tried power-cycling the TouchDRO, power-cycling the tablet, power-cycling both.  I've tried moving the TouchDRO adapter relative to the tablet in case the antenna(s) are blocked or partially blocked by something metal.  Trying to make sure it's not an issue with the cheapo tablet, I've also tried pairing it with my Motorola phone, my Macbook and my Fire 8 with the same pairs-and-connects-then-disconnects issue.

Any ideas?
I don't get it. On some further nosing around, I get a steady stream of "x0;y0;z0;w0;t0;" messages from the ESP32 (scales disconnected), even though the tablet doesn't show look like anything's connected via BT in the device settings and without the BT icon in the notification bar.

So far, if I leave Serial Bluetooth running in the background it seems to stay connected/paired. I'm going to leave it all up & running even though I'll be away from home and obviously not using the mill for a week and see what happens.

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