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Axis assignment on Lathe/Mill combo
I have TouchDRO on a Maximat V10 with milling attachment. Three encoders are physically assigned as x(lathe cross-feed), y (lathe long bed) and z (mill head height). When milling, y becomes L/R, x is Near/Far.
Neither of these fits the standard convention.  For basic position indication, it has worked OK for me so far and I have just set it as “Vertical Mill” permanently.  But TouchDRO is far more capable. Short of swapping encoder connectors every time I want to switch modes, is there a way to reassign the axes somehow so that the app better understands what is happening? 
Hmm..seems I didn’t look hard enough. There is an explicit assignment available in settings on the new version, at least. So I think I have answered my own question.
Conventionally, the Z-axis is parallel to the spindle axis of rotation. So, on a lathe, X is the cross slide, and Z is the carriage travel along the bed.

On a vertical mill, X is left/right, Y is in/out, and Z is up/down.
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