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calibration to small between 1&2 edge of block problem
hi touchdro comunnity i just got my touchdro 4axes controller partialy hooked up i have 2 types of glass scales
one from amazon YHSINO K5-5um-370mm-TTL on the x axes and it can calibrate to work for not beeing on lathe
the 2 other scales are from vevor on the y axis they both dont want to calibrate to work. there is a diffence in pin layout between the 2 brands i've hooked it up using the ttl layout w/o the z or r pin . all scales are set to 5um 5080 in app and this is the error and it looks like it goes into an endless error loop on both vevor scales even if its the only one plugged in. oh i got it set to lathe mode ill try it in mill mode next to see if its same.

 the number of encoder step is to small between the first and second edge of calibration block

update on this error when all axis except the one im using is disabled i get the error that its not sending info , as if the scales or there is no power going to scales. i checked the same axis with the working scale and it works, thease newer scales has some black resin over the electronics so i cant see the maker or have access with a meter to make sure the red wire on scale is actualy +5v witch is pin7. not the red on the adapter for the touchdro it turns into green.

has anyone else run into this problem or have any idea of a solution?

problem has been solved turns out to be same pin layout as the yshino and a little risk & luck to plug it into the slot i had configured for the yhshino. im still trying to figure out how i had gotten the cont checks wrong on 2 of the wires plus i was backwards on the pin layout of the wiring diagram between the 2 oh well.

yuriy have you thought about an apendics to the error codes in the app that would help alot in this type of situation
now i know (the number of encoder step is to small between the first and second edge of calibration block) can have more then one meaning

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