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Angular Axis based on as5311
Hello everyone, I have some AS5311 chips and I will use them for linear motion. Haven't put it together yet, but I think it will work.
But AS5311 can work as a rotary encoder meter.
I want to know:
1. Will this function work with DIY TouchDRO and display the rotation angle?
2. I have read the AS5311 datasheet but can't figure out what the accuracy of the rotation angle measurement will be with this chip and the encoder ring designed for it. There are 128 poles in the ring. It is important for me whether the measurement accuracy is sufficient to set the angle, for example, 7°7′30″ ??

The turning speed will be minimal, I plan to set the lathe to a small longitudinal feed, for turning cones and setting the exact angle of rotation, respectively.

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Minutes seconds converted to degrees. Distance between points 7.1 and 7.125 degrees (7°7′30″) 0.009mm.

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