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Center finder
Just got one of those touch probes you linked. Can confirm it works with TDRO.

It has LED's, but you can connect it normally (5V to 5V, GND to GND, SIGNAL to SIGNAL). It does not need to be reverse biased... I checked with an oscilloscope, and moving the probe tip pulls the signal low. Connected to the adapter board, it does do the edge finding function (beta version of app).

Mind you, this is just on the bench, testing electrically. I cannot say whether it's any good as an actual touch probe, at least until I get a chance to get down to the shop.

EDIT: Been playing with it on my mill. Yeah, it's pretty damn accurate. I've got 1um scales on this machine, and it's repeating to the tenth every time. And that's with just a "good-enough" stylus concentricity adjustment.

EDIT 2: So, I center found on a 0.351 hole using the probe... Not carefully, either. Slowly turned the handle until I heard the beep, once in each direction, with no repeats. Drove X and Y to zero, swapped collets, put a 0.351 (minus) gauge pin into a 3/8" collet, and raised the table. The pin slid right into the hole, no deflection.

Yeah, this probe works damn well with TouchDRO. This system is now even more amazing.
YouTube: FnA-Wright Engineering

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