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Center finder
(03-16-2023, 09:40 PM)Traktorist3d Wrote: Yuriy, I wanted to ask if you might find it a good idea to implement a center finder using DRO Touch + Probe Measuring.
For an accurate calculation, it is enough for us to carry out several manipulations.
1. Connect Probe Measuring and enter the function - probe, move Probe Measuring along one of the axes (let it be X) until it touches the edge of the hole, this is the first point (DRO Touch automatically saves it as the initial one)
2. Then move the Probe Measuring back along the same X-axis until there is contact on the other side of the hole. DRO Touch automatically saves it as a waypoint
3. Next, we lead Probe Measuring along the Y axis until the next touch of the hole, this will be point 3.

DRO Touch automatically throws a straight line from point 1 to point 3, bisects it, and this will be the exact center of the hole. Or have I not discovered America and this has already been implemented? )))

I think this: does everything you are describing, just a bit differently (same basic idea). The "Plus" version will have the option to also add a sub-datum instead of just setting the origin.


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