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Useful information for using Acu-rite 6-pin Scales
Thought I would share some information I pieced together while putting together my TouchDRO system.  My Bridgeport mill came with an old "Acu-rite II" 2-axis DRO, and while functional, it lacks features, so I decided to change out the DRO display for a TouchDRO system. 

While there is a plethora of information among Yuri's posts stretching back many, many years, I found it difficult to sift through numerous posts on this site and on the TouchDRO site.  I'll post here what I've distilled from various sources in my quest to interface the Acu-rite scales on my machine to the TouchDRO board.

The 6-pin scales on my machine appear to be from Acu-rites Micro-scale series (user manuals here).  

The pertinent pinout information for the 6-pin circular (Cannon) connector is as follows...


I found mating Cannon-style connectors here on eBay, so I would not have to cut the connectors off my scales.  This allows me to easily go back to using the original Acu-rite II DRO, if desired.


Here are the connections from the TouchDRO PCB to the DB-9 Female connectors supplied with the TouchDRO board, and the wiring for a converter pigtail which converts the 6-pin Cannon circular plug connection to a DB-9 Male plug.  The circular plug plugs directly into the connector on my scales and the DB-0 connector plugs into the TouchDRO box.  Note that I opted to wire the DB-9 connectors on the TouchDRO box for the Acu-rite 9-pin differential output scales (see manual linked above), then wire the adapter pigtails to connect between the single-ended 6-pin scales and the DB-9 connector.  


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