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Shahe scales random connection to Touchdro board?

I have one small problem, that has been following me from the beginning.
I have three Shahe scales on the mill, connected to the xyz TouchDRO inputs, that i bought from you, ready soldered so i did not have to do tiny smd soldering.

I power the TouchDRO from a USB battery powerbank, to try to avoid power supply noise.
On the TouchDRO board, there i a small white label saying 1.2, guess it is the firmware revision.
Do i need to upgrade?

The problem is.....that when i switch on the board, and connect to tablet via bluetooth, the xyz reading do not respond to scale movements.
After a while, when  i unplug, and plug power supply to the board, unplug and plug the scale input random times, one scale after another start to work, but sometime the reading will count very fast up, without any scale the end, after random unplugging and plugging,  all scales work, and readings are stable.
If i switch the scales to the small display units that came with the scales, they always work first time, and they are never unstable or anything.
What do you think is wrong, is it noise and what do you think i can do?

Best regards
Martin Olesen

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Shahe scales random connection to Touchdro board? - by mtolesen - 01-15-2023, 06:33 PM

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