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Amazon Fire & tablets that does not have Google Play Store solution
For those who intend to use an Amazon Fire tablet or any other tablet that does not have access to the Google Play Store, the following is an alternative method of installing the TouchDRO app.
I have successfully installed the app on a Fire tablet, 9th generation. There are websites that will download an apk file for a  particular app from the play store, an internet search will bring up such sites. I used but other sites are available. You simply copy and past the url from the play store page for TouchDRO into the apk downloader and it will then download the apk file. I did this on a PC but I expect it will work from the tablet too. I copied the apk file to the storage in the tablet by connecting the tablet to the PC with a usb cable. Once the file had copied it was simply a matter of opening the file manager app on the Fire, locating the apk file and taping on it. You will get a security message about installing apps from external sources. Tap on accept or proceed (I don't remember the exact wording) and the app will install. You might have to check in the settings for your tablet that the option for installing external apps is turned on.
Yuriy, would it be possible to make the APK file available as a direct download from the TouchDRO website fro those that can not access the play store?
You can install the Google Play Store on a Fire tablet using Fire Toolbox. I've done it to several Fires, and it works a treat.
YouTube: FnA-Wright Engineering

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