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Tool offset help
Apologies in advance... I know I've asked related questions before... But I'm really struggling to understand.

I use Tormach TSS holders on my mill. They reference against the spindle nose, so I've set all my offsets relative to that. So, say I select Tool A, which has a Z offset of - 3.583, touch the tool to the top of the work, and set the workspace origin to that point (0,0,0 absolute). Then, without moving anything, , I select Tool B, which has an offset of - 3.110. The Z readout turns red, goes to incremental mode, and changes to 3.110.

Here's where I'm lost. The Z axis hasn't moved, so why did the readout change? Further, the Absolute value is still zero. The tip of tool B is 0.473 higher than tool A, so shouldn't the absolute readout reflect that? Or the incremental?

I've spent hours today trying to wrap my head around this, and I'm no less confused. Isn't the point of tool offsets the ability to use one tool, switch to another, and know exactly where that new tool is in the workspace?
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