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TouchDro Fault
I created the Arduino HW with an HC05  and tried to connect to the App. The Samsung tablet successfully pairs with the HC05 but the tablet connects for about two seconds then disconnects. I used the BT Simple terminal and it connects OK with the HC05 and I can see the dumped output of the program which is the zero for the X,Y,Z,W, and P.
Interestingly, when I power off the Arduino and HC05 the App delays about 5 to 10 seconds before indicating disconnection. This leads me to believe that the connect and the disconnect 2 seconds later when power is on is a result of a successful connection and a drop of the connection by the App almost immediately.
So I think that the latest version of the App won't work with HC05s and Arduino. How can I get an older version of the App to test with?
By the way, I am probably going to buy the iGaging interfaces from you for my Grizzly lathe and mill, but I want to evaluate the design first.

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