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Arduino Based Controller(s) for my Mill and Lathe
I originally had a launchpad based controller on my mill, which, whilst it worked - was never 100% reliable. And I could never get the tach to work on it. Aaaand it was a bitch to upload the firmware using my Mac and OSX. So I completely re-did my controller with Arduino Unos and prototype boards, as per Yuriy's instructions over on his website.

[Image: ifaceinside1.jpg]

The Arduino is mounted on some hex standoffs epoxied into the case, and the the protoshield just mates with the Uno. All of the axis, tach & bluetooth feeds are terminated with plugs to allow assembly to be easier. The sensor connections to the outside world are all circular 4 (or 3 pin in the case of the tach) locking connectors.

[Image: ifaceinside2.jpg]

9V supply comes in from the bottom, and there's a USB connector for upgrading the firmware if needed. The bluetooth module is attached to a small rail that clips in place over two of the lid fixings.

[Image: ifaceinside3.jpg]

There's a reset button on the front - and you can see the circular connectors down one side. The USB is on the other

[Image: latheiface.jpg]
[Image: latheiface2.jpg]

I'm running the latest and greatest firmware / arduino sketch from Rysiu's Website. V5.11 at the time of posting.

If any one is interested, I can post up a bill of materials and links to the components I used. They will all be UK suppliers though as I'm over here in Blighty. Smile

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