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Cannot delete workspace and Z axis INC willnot change
(01-03-2017, 08:25 PM)9t8z28 Wrote: Hello all.   I have been running touchdro for a few days now and I am having 2 issues.  
 The first is I cannot delete a workspace.   I set a 5 circle bolt pattern and cannot delete it.   I open the menu and select delete workspace and I get an error stating it cannot delete the workspace.   What can I do to fix this?   Is there some kind of a master reset?

 My second issue is my z-axis in INCR mode is stuck on the set value of .3746.   The value is also in red.    I cannot zero set it.   How do I go about clearing this ?   I've tried several ways to zero it such as holding on zero set and holding over the Z axis read out.  
 Just to add I am using a Digiland 7" tablet (model# DL718M) running on Android 5.1.   I just purchased it about two weeks ago and all I use it for is TouchDRO.
 Thanks everyone

TouchDRO will not let you delete the last workspace, but you can clear the points (there is an option in the same menu).

For the second issue, you have tool offset set. To clear it press and hold the tool offset button.


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