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DRO - Dropping Values (inaccurate reading of scales)

Quick update and thank you for all of your help. 

I ordered a new power supply cable and updated wire management on the machine and it appears that the issue has been resolved. 

Regarding the wire management, I had wiring for the scales zip-tied to the conduit that housed the wiring to the machine's 3 Phase motor. I completely decoupled these and routed the scales as far away from the power supply of the motor. I would start and stop the motor often when machining and from your troubleshooting guides read that spikes in power could cause issues with the scales. I also had two limit switches attached to my x scale that were wired back to my x power feed and suspect that there could also be causing interference directly to the scale body, this was removed. 

The cable I ordered was a barrel to USB and plugged into a quality small block from a phone. 

So... thank you for the reply and information. 


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