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DRO - Dropping Values (inaccurate reading of scales)

Thank you for the link to troubleshooting!

I swapped the scales on the adapter and I couldn't recreate the error. Then I swapped them back and still couldn't. Note that the machine was not running at this point. 

Based on your troubleshooting, I'm going to check the grounding, look into a different power supply, and try it with the motor on. This is mounted to a machine that has a 3 phase motor connected to a rotary phase converter that is very close to the machine. I suspect there is quite a bit of noise present. 

I'll keep digging and report back if you are interested. 


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RE: DRO - Dropping Values (inaccurate reading of scales) - by Mtracz - 06-02-2021, 05:10 PM

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