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Choosing a scale with high measurement and moving speed
Hello everybody! 
I am building my pneumatic test bench and I need a scale for it. The technical task mainly consists in ensuring high moving and measurement speed. I need 100 or more measurements per second, and speed of the order of 0.5 meters per second or more. 
At first, I used an electronic Matrix caliper and a Shahe scale, connected them to Arduino, but I was mistaken, they cannot take more than 9 measurements per second. Unfortunately, at that time I did’nt know about this wonderful site. 
Now I cannot select between Shumatech capacitive scale with external clock generator and an optical scale from Aliexpress or Ebay. Could you advise me which is better to choose? Where can I find quadrature optical scale, and will it be worse to use sine/cosine ones with comparator circuit? It seems there's no cheap quadrature scales on Ali or Ebay.
There are also a lot of questions about connection. Which option will be better for my case for optical scale - MSP430 or LS7166? 
Additional Information: 
1) - an example of a pneumatic test bench, an analogue of which I am currently building;
2) - optical scale connection via LS7166.

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