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Recommended power supply
I still don't know what is the root cause of position jumping. I know that newer scales (especially EZ-View DRO Plus) very rarely have this problem. Some "new old stock" unbranded copies of the DigiMag scales have the highest likelihood of jumping. it's not as simple as just the noise of the power supply. Last year I was helping a guy figure this out. He had three scales. One was rock solid, no matter what he did to it, and the other two were all over the place (that was with a pre-made board). I sent him a different board, which had absolutely no effect, so in the end, I bought the two bad scales from him, and he ordered two new scales. The new scales worked fine, but the two "bad" ones work like a charm in my house. I can't get them to jump, even with five VFDs running/stopping/starting in the garage.
It is definitely some sort of noise, but I suspect it has to be at just the right frequency for the given cables, etc. I'm trying to play with the input impedance a bit (just ordered a few different prototypes) to see if that makes any difference. I don't think it's a power supply issue, though. The boards and the kit have pretty decent voltage conditioning. This was much more of an issue with scratch-built LaunchPad adapters.

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